365-Day Photo Challenge (A bit of catching up.)

I love a good challenge, and the 365-day photo challenge has been good for me. I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to be and have considered just bagging it multiple times because I’d miss a few days and feel like I’d failed. But what is life about if not continually improving and trying to do better. So here I am, trying to do better. I’m sure I’ll still slip up, but I’m committed!

My day 44 photo is a repeat from the engagement session, but that was my day 44. And that photo session was so much fun that I love to look back and remember it! This featured image is one of my favorites from that session.IMG_3023Day 45: We baked! This little man wanted cookies, and we had none. So we made them ourselves! Some of my favorite pictures from my kids’ lives are when we are baking together. True lifestyle photography.2016-04-22 19.06.27Day 46: This is the kind of graffiti we find in our area now. Quite a bit different from what we saw where we used to live. I can’t condone graffiti, but if you’re going to paint someone else’s property, I think this is the way to go. IMG_3040Day 47: I could photograph this handsome boy every day. He’s my favorite boy.IMG_3163Day 48: We have year-round school around here, where the kids rotate six weeks on track followed by two weeks off. It fits an extra class in the school for each grade. While this girl was off-track, we took a trip to the zoo. It was a beautiful day full of animals and lots of walking. And lots of posing for pictures. She doesn’t mind modeling for me.

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