365-Day Photography Project

What is a 365-day photography project, you ask? It’s where you take and post a photo every day for an entire year. I’ve read about them in quite a few places and have felt like it would be a great way to practice my skills and grow as a photographer, but a year is a huge commitment! So, I’ve hesitated. I actually planned to start one with this new year, but I didn’t commit enough and let it slide. This is my official commitment to the project. I’m putting it out there so that I feel more accountable. So here goes!

Day 1

My most readily available subject. Since he’s the one I spend my days with, he’s the one who gets his photo taken most often. And that hat! How can I not take pics of the kid in a hat like that? Here are a couple of my favorites from today.


Love this little man!

2 Replies to “365-Day Photography Project”

    1. Exactly! I think it will stretch me more creatively, too. I’m on day 3 and already feel like I need to find some new things to try.

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