Photography Challenge Day 2!

Day 2

Took this girl out into the backyard to try out my new camera (so excited about that!!). Little brother obviously wanted to follow us to the backyard because who doesn’t want to be outside? These two can fight like nobody’s business and turn around and love each other like the best of friends the next minute. But, they do love each other. And this girl has some amazing personality to share with the world.

IMG_0012 IMG_0050

365-Day Photography Project

What is a 365-day photography project, you ask? It’s where you take and post a photo every day for an entire year. I’ve read about them in quite a few places and have felt like it would be a great way to practice my skills and grow as a photographer, but a year is a huge commitment! So, I’ve hesitated. I actually planned to start one with this new year, but I didn’t commit enough and let it slide. This is my official commitment to the project. I’m putting it out there so that I feel more accountable. So here goes!

Day 1

My most readily available subject. Since he’s the one I spend my days with, he’s the one who gets his photo taken most often. And that hat! How can I not take pics of the kid in a hat like that? Here are a couple of my favorites from today.


Love this little man!

Lifestyle Photography



I’m a portrait photographer, technically, but I think I’ve always been a bit of a lifestyle photographer. I’ve never been a fan of posed photography, have always preferred catching people in candid moments, doing what they love to do. That definitely bleeds over into my photography style. I may place people where I want them, but I try to let them “pose” themselves. Then they feel and look more natural and we capture real moments.

When it comes to photographing kids, lifestyle photography is sometimes all I can do. I just follow them around with the camera and catch them in their natural state. The result is generally a true picture of their beautiful, sweet personalities.

A Long Time Coming


I bought this domain three years ago, right before I graduated with my bachelors degree. I had big plans for my online portfolio; then this cute, little man came along. He’s been keeping me pretty busy, along with my other two kids, but the time is right to launch my website and get my photography and design business moving! I’m excited for the new adventures it will bring, the people I will meet and the new experiences on my horizon. Thanks for joining me on this fun journey!