More 365-Day Photo Challenge Photos

Day 49: Walking home from church with the family. Love these two, love these mountains. IMG_3188 Day 50: Since moving, my middle daughter and I spend a lot more time together, at least when she’s not out playing with her new bestie. This night, we actually got the cards out and played “Trash”, quick and easy family favorite. She beat me at it, too, which she was pretty stoked about. So, of course, we had to capture the moment in a photo.  IMG_3195Day 51: This was one of the brightest rainbows I’ve ever seen–so bright, so clear! We’ve had some great rainstorms and cozy, cloudy days. A camera never really captures the beauty of it, but we continue to try.2016-05-05 14.31.53Day 52: Not a photographic masterpiece, but marathon season is here, and I am registered! I’m planning to make this the first year to run two marathons in one season. It’s exciting and scary, all at the same time.SunsetDay 53: Taken with my cell phone through the windshield, so not the highest quality, but the clouds and rays of the sun were amazing! This is such a beautiful place and I’m so grateful to live here.IMG_3204Day 54: That hair. It never wants to lay down and resists taming. It just adds to his personality, I guess.

365-Day Photo Challenge (A bit of catching up.)

I love a good challenge, and the 365-day photo challenge has been good for me. I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to be and have considered just bagging it multiple times because I’d miss a few days and feel like I’d failed. But what is life about if not continually improving and trying to do better. So here I am, trying to do better. I’m sure I’ll still slip up, but I’m committed!

My day 44 photo is a repeat from the engagement session, but that was my day 44. And that photo session was so much fun that I love to look back and remember it! This featured image is one of my favorites from that session.IMG_3023Day 45: We baked! This little man wanted cookies, and we had none. So we made them ourselves! Some of my favorite pictures from my kids’ lives are when we are baking together. True lifestyle photography.2016-04-22 19.06.27Day 46: This is the kind of graffiti we find in our area now. Quite a bit different from what we saw where we used to live. I can’t condone graffiti, but if you’re going to paint someone else’s property, I think this is the way to go. IMG_3040Day 47: I could photograph this handsome boy every day. He’s my favorite boy.IMG_3163Day 48: We have year-round school around here, where the kids rotate six weeks on track followed by two weeks off. It fits an extra class in the school for each grade. While this girl was off-track, we took a trip to the zoo. It was a beautiful day full of animals and lots of walking. And lots of posing for pictures. She doesn’t mind modeling for me.

More Catch-Up

Day 35: One of the benefits of moving is we have a new area to explore and discover. We tried out this trail by our house and loved it! Walking, riding, skating, running—we love getting to know the area around our home. And discovering new areas for photo shoots is just a bonus!

IMG_2244Day 36: I climbed this hill (mountain?) with that little man on my back. His 25 pounds in a 5-lb backpack made for quite the hike, but the view at the top was totally worth it! Can you imagine a photo shoot up here? The trick would be getting up there without completely wrecking hair, makeup and clothes. But it would be amazing!

IMG_2276Day 37: A different trail by our house and a run/skate for family night. We found this guy hanging out on the trail. He didn’t seem too concerned about us, so we went around. Since then, we’ve encountered loads of cats and a few deer. It’s kind of cool and a little intimidating. I guess that’s part of life in a rural area of northern Utah.

Getting Behind

Have you ever gotten behind on a task, project or goal and then wondered how you’d ever catch up? When I do this, I put off the catching up, which just leaves me even more behind. It’s a vicious cycle, really. But, today I’m tackling it and will (I hope) be caught up.

The specific project I speak of is my 365-day photo challenge. You see, I moved. And it pretty much took over my life. I was still taking pictures (except for a five day gap in there when I just wasn’t keeping up), I just wasn’t editing or uploading them. Then I had a senior photo shoot at Thanksgiving Point which became a bigger priority since people want their pictures back (go figure). I still need blog that photo session, but the pictures have been shared. So before I finish editing the engagement session from this week (also at Thanksgiving Point), here is my catch up on the photo challenge.

IMG_2118Day 30: As I mentioned before, we moved. Not just to a different house but to a different city 30 minutes away. We took our girls from their friends and the places they know and love. That’s a tough decision as a parent, but it was what we needed to do and we believed would bless our family in the long run. These two girls have been amazing buddies, and I couldn’t move without taking some pictures of them together. This photo really captures their personalities and relationships. That’s why I love lifestyle photography, as a side note.

IMG_2140Day 31: I took this photo the night before we moved. We had just visited our condo and taken some things down. It was later than I wanted to be there, and everyone was hungry and tired. This little guy just expressed what we were all feeling at that point. Moving is hard. On everyone.

IMG_2160Day 32: The move happened. This doesn’t even show the real mess that was my home, but it was my attempt to find something artistic and beautiful in the midst of the chaos. How do you take pictures when it looks like a moving truck vomited all over your home? You focus on a beautiful instrument that will be making beautiful music soon (we hope).

IMG_2175Day 33: This girl. She dealt with this move with such maturity and grace that I have been amazed by her. Moving in high school is neither easy nor idea, but she did it. She is finishing the year at the same high school but will be changing next year. Music is her source of peace in any stressful situation, so she spent the evening going through the CD’s that have been in storage for a couple years. We found some favorites in there!

IMG_2192Day 34: A yummy treat to try and make life seem a little more normal and stable. We’ve been living without gluten for a couple of years due to my mother’s celiac disease, so having brownies from a mix was a bit of a treasure. You have to capture moments like that with photography, right? They were as delicious as we anticipated, by the way.

That’s enough for now. Next post will include the next few days and then I get to blog the photo shoot! I can hardly wait for that one because it was amazing!!


Days 28 & 29 of 365

Day 28: I move in two days. This is the best representation of my life right now. Have you ever felt, when you’re moving, that you’ll be packing forever and never see a dent in the work to be done? It’s exhausting, but I better be nearing the end since I only have two days left!!


Day 29: I’m so lucky to spend my life with this man. He is supportive of my hopes and dreams and those of our kids. A great day, a fantastic father, and just a good person. He is a friend to all and helps me be a better person.

Days 26 & 27 of 365

Day 27: I’m changing the order because I like day 27 picture better. 🙂 Our spring break hike got rained/snowed out, so we made a trip to downtown Salt Lake. Our walk around Temple Square was cold and wet, which meant that we had the place almost to ourselves! It turned out pretty well, all things considered.


Day 26: Dessert pizza from our family dinner. It was a perfect way to finish an evening of family, games and food.

Days 24 & 25

Day 24: I’m fascinated watching someone play the piano. The way their hands fly along the keys is beautiful and amazing. My daughter has been playing the piano for almost eleven years, and I’ve loved watching the growth and improvement in her skills.


Day 25: The evidence of a 2-yr-old coloring Easter eggs. He had a great time!

I guess the theme for this post is hands. Also, I’m moving in a week, so keeping up with posting these is proving to be a challenge. But I’m getting the pictures taken, so I’m counting that as a success.

Days 20 & 21 of 365

Day 20: This boy. Love him too.

Antelope Island

Day 21: The view when I’m coming home. That water tower is the landmark I tell my kids to look for so they won’t have to ask, “Are we there yet?”