Day 6 of my 365-Day photo challenge!

Like most kids, this guy would watch movies all day, every day, if I let him. I generally limit him to one show a day, which is most often Cars, but today he chose Frozen. Didn’t see that coming. I’m sure he’ll want to watch Cars later if I let him.

Day 5—365-Day Photo Challenge

We got to hang with family last night, which was awesome! These two little cousins are only 2 1/2 weeks apart, but they haven’t lived close to each other in two years, so we love the chance to get them together. Love them!

Day 4—365-Day Photo Challenge

Meet my beautiful niece. This is from the talent portion of her pageant, last night (hence the day-late post). She is beautiful, inside and out, and it showed. Her true desire was to be voted Miss Congeniality (which she was); and following the pageant, after giving hugs and attention to all her admiring friends and family, she started dancing with all the cute little girls that are sure she was a princess. She has the heart and kindness of a true princess.

365-Day Photography Project

What is a 365-day photography project, you ask? It’s where you take and post a photo every day for an entire year. I’ve read about them in quite a few places and have felt like it would be a great way to practice my skills and grow as a photographer, but a year is a huge commitment! So, I’ve hesitated. I actually planned to start one with this new year, but I didn’t commit enough and let it slide. This is my official commitment to the project. I’m putting it out there so that I feel more accountable. So here goes!

Day 1

My most readily available subject. Since he’s the one I spend my days with, he’s the one who gets his photo taken most often. And that hat! How can I not take pics of the kid in a hat like that? Here are a couple of my favorites from today.


Love this little man!

A Long Time Coming


I bought this domain three years ago, right before I graduated with my bachelors degree. I had big plans for my online portfolio; then this cute, little man came along. He’s been keeping me pretty busy, along with my other two kids, but the time is right to launch my website and get my photography and design business moving! I’m excited for the new adventures it will bring, the people I will meet and the new experiences on my horizon. Thanks for joining me on this fun journey!