More 365-Day Photo Challenge Photos

Day 49: Walking home from church with the family. Love these two, love these mountains. IMG_3188 Day 50: Since moving, my middle daughter and I spend a lot more time together, at least when she’s not out playing with her new bestie. This night, we actually got the cards out and played “Trash”, quick and easy family favorite. She beat me at it, too, which she was pretty stoked about. So, of course, we had to capture the moment in a photo.  IMG_3195Day 51: This was one of the brightest rainbows I’ve ever seen–so bright, so clear! We’ve had some great rainstorms and cozy, cloudy days. A camera never really captures the beauty of it, but we continue to try.2016-05-05 14.31.53Day 52: Not a photographic masterpiece, but marathon season is here, and I am registered! I’m planning to make this the first year to run two marathons in one season. It’s exciting and scary, all at the same time.SunsetDay 53: Taken with my cell phone through the windshield, so not the highest quality, but the clouds and rays of the sun were amazing! This is such a beautiful place and I’m so grateful to live here.IMG_3204Day 54: That hair. It never wants to lay down and resists taming. It just adds to his personality, I guess.

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