Trevor, Gabe, Savannah & Kiah

We had quite an adventure during this photo shoot, wandering through the grass, climbing on rocks and scurrying down into ravines. This park in Herriman is beautiful and fun to explore with lots of great backdrops for photography. We all enjoyed wandering through to find new places to take pictures, even the kids. It’s been a little more than a year since I took their pictures, so it’s fun seeing the changes that have taken place in the past two years. IMG_3273Gabe’s eyes are so amazing! And set off beautifully by his blue shirt and that green grass in contrast.IMG_3552Savannah has beautiful skin and a fun personality. IMG_3525I can hardly believe how old Trevor has gotten and the handsome young man that he is. IMG_3485Love this smile and the delight in her eyes! And who doesn’t love a toothless grin?IMG_3583We had to fit in a silly photo to just relax and have fun. They have some great abilities, don’t they?IMG_3358 IMG_3314 IMG_3245 IMG_3218

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